Florida awaits!

My cat woke me up at 4 a.m. again so I figured why not sit down at the computer and get some thoughts out? My husband Rad and I are off to Florida Moonshine in just one one more day. We took off work today to give ourselves more time to get ready; we’ll do laundry and any necessary last-minute shopping later.

Someone commented on my other blog that it’s going to be stormy in Florida this weekend. Grrr. Hope the weather forecasters are wrong, but, oh well, I’ve been there in bad weather before. Most of us do our spanking indoors.

I’m preparing to sign and sell my book at the vendors fair that the party hosts run on Friday night. I also committed to making candy to sell, so the past week I’ve spent several evenings making batches of fudge and chocolate and white chocolate bark. It was a pain in the butt, let me tell you. I had not made fudge in years and forgot how tricky it was. One batch failed and another nearly failed. I had the idea of the candy BEFORE I decided to write the book, and then got the crazy idea of combining the two.

This will not happen in Chicago and Las Vegas, when I go to Crimson Moon and Shadow Lane, respectively. Then, it’ll just be me and my book.

I’ve still got openings for appointments in Florida, but my time is filling up quickly. If you’re going and you’d like a private session, let me know ASAP. My super secret book debut special will be in effect.

I’m also making an appearance at what the Florida Moonshine hosts call the “Governesses Gala.” This is a female tops/male bottoms event, a smaller party in the middle of the larger party.


  1. Hoppy

    Hope you have a fine & productive weekend!

  2. Mike

    Hope for sunshine at the Moonshine, and don’t eat too many of your candy mistakes. ;)

  3. SpankerGuy

    Hey have fun in FL. Hope we get to see you back this way before the parties stop.

  4. I did have fun in Florida. I’ll write about it here as soon as I can. We got back last night and were exhausted.

  5. It was definitely both. I’m going to write about it soon, but I sold enough books to more than break even on them, and I covered all my costs in Florida.

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