Not enough time!

I had a great time at Florida Moonshine (FMS) this weekend. The vendor’s fair on Friday evening was an incredible success and I sold almost all of my books! I’ve broken even, not only the book production costs, but on the trip itself and some of the other items I purchased (banner, t-shirts, etc.) Thank you so much to everyone who bought a copy and gave me feedback. I would LOVE reviews, by the way, on my book’s Amazon site:

Sadly, there was not enough time to deal with all the bad boys, although I was able to play with some of them on Saturday morning, when FMS hosted the “Governesses’ Gala.” There were lots of female tops to meet the needs of the male bottoms, so I took my time with several whom I knew were particularly well-deserving. At one point nearly every chair or sofa was occupied, so I had my friend Brad stand up and brace himself against the wall for a strapping.

On Sunday night, at a suite party, my friend G. asked me and another lady from California, Gia Bella, to co-top him. Gia is a Mistress (I call myself “Ma’am”) so it was interesting to see how her style connected with mine. Also, she didn’t know G., whereas I’d topped him several times before.

Among other things, she asked G. to get down on his knees and kiss her feet, something I normally would not do — my focus is domestic discipline. But it was kind of cool to watch her play. She is a beautiful lady that I’ve known for about a year now (I’ve been topped by her husband, Craig) but I’d never seen her in action. I always like to watch how other Dommes work and the reaction they get from subs. I think it worked rather well, and G had this happy dazed look on his face later.

Through the weekend, I mostly used my hand, strap, hairbrush and small paddle. I didn’t get to use the cane until Monday morning, when an acquaintance who’d offered us a ride to the airport lent me his implements to use on him. Since he was saving us nearly $50 I don’t think I was going to say no to that! He got a hand spanking, cropping and caning. We were short on time so I hope it was enough for him to feel at least a little on his plane ride later that afternoon.

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