Itchy palms

Saturday, I’ll be back at Paddles for OTK night. As usual, Rad and I will be hosting the munch at 5:30 at the Moonstruck Diner. Please RSVP on Fet Life if you haven’t already. Come on out, anyway, even if you decide at the last minute. The more men we get to attend this munch, the bigger the discount into Paddles afterward.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and to dealing with certain bad boys (at least three so far — but believe me, I can handle more) who’ve expressed a need. Now, I will be leaving at 10 p.m. (we have another commitment after the party) so if you want to play, please let me know and try to be there early. Specials are in place for the evening.

I’ll also have a few copies of my book with me if anyone wants to purchase an autographed copy.

Email me at if you have questions.

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