Corporate fantasies

Coming back from my mini-vacation, I had an easy re-entry into the work world (AKA my day job), with my boss out of the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (she tends to check in via email, but she doesn’t bother us as much). At work I try to be professional, but I hate being professional on others’ terms, playing some corporate game when you feel you don’t know all the rules (I’m not in upper management).

And I can’t think of ONE person in my workplace that I can imagine spanking. I work with mostly women, and they’re just not the right type, in my opinion.

But the corporate board will be in the office today, and that’s a different story. There’s no one on the board I really dislike — I don’t have to deal with any of them that closely, so I feel neutral about them — but there is one of them whom I would be curious to see how he reacted to being tied up and beaten. He’s simply far too arrogant for his own good, even for me, who loves a cocky, confident man.

Ever see one of these types who questions everything, who sits at a meeting, eyes half closed as if in deep thought, and then offers ridiculous suggestions that would be impossible to implement unless we doubled the staff? Yes, the perfect type to be bound, perhaps, over a gym horse. Caning? Paddling? A good hard flogging?

Sadly, he may enjoy it too much. It may be exactly what he likes, and he may be the type who would seek out my services for real. But that’s not to stop me from fantasizing about hurting him. Just because someone seeks out pain doesn’t mean he finds it easy to accept.

Do these thoughts make it easier to get through the day? SOMETIMES. It is amusing, mostly. In reality, I don’t think I’d want to see this man naked.

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  1. E.C

    If I got an inclination that one of my coworkers fantasized about hurting me, that would be the highlight of my day. A caveat of course; the desire to inflict pain would have to come about for the right reasons, which is clearly not the case for the person you mentioned above.

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