No more vicarious living

My Twitter and real-life pal Adele Haze was tweeting about caning her sub(?) this week. I don’t always react this way, but just the way she was describing his reactions was getting me really hot.

I think it’s my turn tonight to stop reading about other people’s fun and start making some of my own. Oh, yes, I DID play last weekend in Florida. Um, like that was a WEEK ago? Hello?

I have some victims lined up for OTK night. One of them will go literally OTK because I don’t think he can handle more. The other two, I think, will be getting the cane. Both of them are insatiable sluts so I’m not planning on going easy on them.

This ought to be fun. Dinner at 5:30; showtime at 7!

Oh, did I mention it was my birthday? (Several times? ah, f’it).

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  1. Andy

    Happy birthday!

    And regarding the “having fun”. Go for it! It works both ways :-)

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