Ready to play?

I’m back from my week-long business trip and ready to play! Let me know. I’m off work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so this is one of those rare opportunities for those of you who can’t play in the evenings. Just let me know as soon as you can.

Re: Boston. A while back, a few people had asked me when I was going to be up there, and at the time I couldn’t say when. Even though it’s not far, it’s not a hop, skip and a jump either, and it’s expensive to stay. But I’ve now made plans to travel there the weekend of July 23-25 to visit a friend. I will have time available for a consultation or two on late Sunday afternoon to early evening. Let’s talk, those of you who need spankings in Boston.

In the meantime, Paddles OTK night approaches. Munch starts at 5:30 this Saturday (July 10) at the Moonstruck Diner — come out and join us. The more men who attend the munch, the bigger the discount they get into Paddles. But please, ladies, don’t hesitate to come out as well. You always get a discount for attending the munch. Everyone is super friendly and you just might mean the spanko of your dreams. My husband Rad and I will be holding court as usual.

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