A good paddling

Prior to Paddles OTK night, one of my bad boys had emailed me and told me how he’d misbehaved. He told me that he needed a punishment — a good spanking + more. I knew he was fantasizing about it and craving it. I hope it was a little harder than what he had imagined.

Oh, he was “warmed up,” of course, but what is a warm-up actually? A pretty painful spanking, when it comes down to it. By the time I had his shorts down he was already sobbing that he was sorry for his behavior.

He seems to say that a lot. I told him I was serious and spanked him a little more. I was going to paddle him this time, to make sure the lesson sunk in.

I made him stand with his pants and shorts still down and face the wall. I lectured him. “You’ve earned this punishment, haven’t you?!”

“Yes, ma’am,” he responded, his quivering. Not everyone responds like this. Some see the hard punishment as a challenge to them, something they must endure. So they are quiet and stoic.

Others, like this bad boy, fantasize about the punishment before we get together, but once that paddle or cane connects with their behind it’s suffering. To make him even more nervous, while he was standing against the wall I ran some ice over his reddened cheeks and spanked his wet tush as hard as I could. The extra pain, I hoped, would send a little more dread into him about the paddling to come.

I had an oval paddle made by WhackMePaddles and a rectangular one from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles, and I started with the oval. He was over the bench, being VERY obedient at this point. I delivered the first solid smack to his left cheek– ooh, and a very satisfying sound it made, too. He jumped a bit, but was a good boy and stayed down.

He knows that I use my bath brush on bottoms who are disobedient during a scene. So, yes, he stayed down.

I waited a few seconds. I planned to savor this, make it last. Then, I smacked his right cheek. I decided after about 4 that I should give him 20 with that paddle and then 20 with the other.

My poor boy. He didn’t like that paddle. He said many more times how sorry he was. Oh, I was nasty to him. I teased him by putting my left foot up on the bench next to him, inched my skirt up and nearly, but did not, flash him. He hadn’t earned that. As soon as he noticed the potential view, he seemed to perk up — so the paddle came down again.

Oh, a fun scene. Many bad boys as usual were at the club and I did punish a few, but of course could not get to all. For those who asked, I will be at the club this Saturday at my reading. Following that, I won’t be back until OTK in August.

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  1. I enjoyed your description both of the physical paddling (the paddle is my favorite instrument) and your own desires and feelings about administering it. There really is nothing like a good paddling!

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