My bad girl

“You know I don”t know if I’m supposed to feel this way or not but I’m a bit scared of you right now – and that’s all real. It’s a good/terrifying feeling.”
— That was a note earlier this week from a very bad girl I sometimes discipline.

This was what she wrote just a few weeks ago: “I just wanted to let you know that (now that I’m awake and looked) I am having trouble sitting (and everyone has noticed) and my WHOLE ass is one big bruise!!!! You should be very proud of yourself – making that much color with just your hand!!!–R”

She is an incorrigible speeder, often exhibits road rage, and thinks she is never in the wrong. Yet she’d confessed to her third ticket within TWO months for running a red light.

To make matters worse, TWO DAYS AGO I got this new email: “…you’re probably going to kill me – I swear I’m innocent – I got 2 tickets for yellows. I swear both of those lights were FULL YELLOW and did not turn red – but they say they did. Sorry!”

My response: “I’m going to pull your pants down and spank your bottom until you are kicking and yelling for mercy. And then you are going to get the paddle.”

Her: “Oh shit – I knew I would be dead!!”

I spank her because she asked me to. She needs it no matter what she’s actually done. She is an adult, and makes their own decisions about how she behaves and the consequences of those actions. I can spank someone’s behind all night, but he or she still has to have enough self-motivation to stick with a plan.

So the bad girl obviously wants the paddling. I think tonight she may be getting it.


  1. Yes, I think she wants it, but equally important, she needs it. So give her the paddling, because in cases like this, it really is for her own good.

  2. Anon

    If she wants a spanking, she ought to just ask for one. As you say, whether you spank her or not isn’t going to make a difference on her speeding/traffic habits. Eventually, she’ll have to deal with the legal ramifications of that many tickets in short amounts of time.

    As a side note: In *my* opinion, someone doing something that could put not only herself but other people with no control over her behavior, in harms way, is not something you address with spanking, but rather real life, real world consequences.

    I wouldn’t let her use her speeding as an excuse for the spankings anymore, because it makes it seem like she cares and wants to change the behavior, when in reality she just wants you to spank her. And thus, she tells you she’s doing dangerous things which I imagine is irritating and upsetting (or would be to me), and no matter what you do – she isn’t going to change that behavior unless she wants to.

    And clearly she doesn’t, or she would have already.

  3. R

    I’m NOT speeding its bullshit so why dont you address the real world!!

  4. She’s going to do what’s she’s going to do. I am not her dom, so I don’t control her in that way. She’s a good friend that I just spank from time to time, and I think it’s good for her.

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