Back from down under

Just to clarify, no, I was not in Australia (wish I were) but yet again going through angst and a touch of depression. I am seeing someone and hopefully things will all feel better soon. Sometimes spanking someone helps; sometimes it is the LAST thing I want to do because I get worried I will either take something out on the person and deliver TOO hard of a scene, or I’ll feel too sympathetic with my sub and I’ll deliver too LIGHT of a scene.

I know what I really need to do is to find one of my tried and true stalwarts and just use him (or her) to relieve this stress. What’s good is that usually the same happens for the sub; he’s relieving some stress as well.

I’ll be at Paddles on Saturday night and maybe this can happen. My husband, Rad, is giving a talk on “Men in the Spanking Scene.” It should be a very interesting talk for men AND women; please come join us. RSVP at


  1. Andy

    All the best Cassandra – I’m far away but my thoughts are with you.

  2. I sent you a private note with a lot of buttinsky-type advice. Anyway, I’m sure we’re all rooting for you.

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