Going out west

I’ve mentioned it briefly here before, but now it’s almost upon us. One week from tomorrow I’ll be in Las Vegas attending the Shadow Lane party, the “mecca” of the spanking community — where it all started, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been involved with Shadow Lane since my 20s so it’s always great to get back, and I’m looking forward to catching up with Eve Howard and Tony Elka, SL owners, who have become friends over the years.

It’ll be quite a busy weekend, however. I’m going to be doing an interview and filming with Richard Windsor on Thursday evening, I’ll be selling my book at the Vendor’s Fair on Friday, and I’ll be hosting the Female tops/male bottoms party on Saturday morning. Naturally I’ll be spanking deserving men and women throughout the weekend as well. I have what should be a pretty intense scene lined up with a friend on Thursday evening — he’s been craving a hard punishment and I intend to give it to him. .

I switch, as you know, and I’ve got several M/f scenes lined up, too. I’ll be exploring an interrogation scene with one friend, and then a sort of “take-down” scene with a top who is new to me but well-known and trusted in the community. I’m very excited about both of those opportunities. A friend who happens to be a popular SL video actor (that’s as close to name-dropping as I’ll come right now) has offered to “warm me up” on Thursday night. Knowing him it will be a little more than a warm-up, but that’s OK.

For anyone who’s attending the party and is looking for something “special,” let me know over the next week, or at the party itself, and we can make arrangements. Email me at mscassandrapark@gmail.com; you can call if you like but email first is best as I’m always running around.

Here are a few specials I’m offering at Shadow Lane:
A. For those purchasing my book, 1) you may get or give a mini-spanking at the booth; 10 swats/strokes. Your choice of implements if you’re receiving; if you’re giving I must limit myself to over panties only, no wood or severe implements — I have to pace myself. 2) Book purchasers also get a $50 discount on a one-hour session during the party, or $25 off a half-hour session.

B. 20-minute specials: 1) Caning with TLC (for first-timers); 2) Spanked and put to bed special; 3) La-La-Land special (that nice, gentle or not-so-gentle flogging you’ve been craving; 4) Negotiate your own special. All $75.

More details about Shadow Lane to come over next few days.

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