Shadow Lane hijinks

(written at 7 a.m. Las Vegas time). It feels like much more than one day has passed, but my husband Rad and I arrived around noon yesterday (thanks, T from Ft. Lauderdale, for the ride from the airport), and after lunch we took “power naps.” Much needed, because I knew I would need energy later.

Plans were made to connect with friends at the Mexican restaurant in the hotel. There were two large tables of “us” — not as crazy as in years past, but a nice-sized group and we got to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in a while.

I’d arranged with a friend to top him but he wanted a caning and I did not pack my canes. Earlier, Tony Elka, owner of Shadow Lane, said he could get one for me. I was upstairs trying to reach Tony when Keith Jones (my favorite SL video top) walked out of the elevator carrying a cardboard tube. “This is for you,” he said, and handed me the cane. I thought it was funny; maybe you had to be there.

The scene with my friend was pretty intense, I thought. He hadn’t played since February and really needed it, but I also got the impression that he didn’t need “angry dom” but rather “nurturing but strict top.” He got spanked, paddled and then caned pretty hard. It was nice holding him afterward and hearing the blissful, sort-of stoned sound in his voice. A good spanking will get you feeling that way.

Shortly after that, I did a live webcam interview with my friend Richard Windsor (, which ended with my spanking, paddling and caning my friend JP on camera. I will have a link to this, when it’s done, on

All this biz out of the way, I headed down to a suite party and caught up with the rest of my SL friends who had gotten in on Thursday or earlier. Received a delicious “warm-up” spanking from Stephen West (an SL video top that I’d met here a few years ago) and then topped a few more people before retreating to the relative peace and quiet of a frend’s room and only a handful of people.

It was pretty late, going by East Coast time, when we got to bed. Thank god for power naps! This afternoon I have two sessions set up and then I’ll be selling my book (and catching up with more people) at the Vendor’s Fair.

Now I am wondering if I’ll be able to get my toes done… more to come later …

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