Successful trip

We are back from Vegas, in fact, it is Tuesday morning and I am starting work in about 35 minutes. I’m stealing a few precious moments here on another computer where I can write and not be discovered by my employer.

I had a great time at Shadow Lane. What can I say? I wrote on Fetlife that Shadow Lane was an “island of blissfulness,” and it’s true. I am slowly coming back into reality. Over the weekend, I think, I explored a myriad of sensations from pain to fear to wielding power to receiving stimulation. I’m not talking, necessarily, about sexual stimulation, although this is without a doubt a sexually charged weekend. I’m talking about touch, about emotional connection, about even simple basic physical reactions to the cool breeze after stepping out of the pool, to the warm sun on my face as the jet sprays from the hottub pulsed over my sore shoulder muscles on Sunday morning, to the touch of a friend massaging my head, shoulders and aching feet. My heels were sexy but not great for walking around in, and I did a lot of walking around in them.

I was flattered by those who approached me for private sessions. Each of these was very special and enjoyable. I always like seeing the different ways each bottom reacts, the range from stoicism to tears. I also liked using the cane on two very special partners.

I’m glad we had a good turn-out for the F/m party on Saturday morning. I was a little nervous right at the beginning when we had about 15 men and only two women (thank god Miss Chris showed up early, and thank god, not too long after that, more female tops arrived.) I know the spankings during that party were not all that long, but I hope people made connections and were able to continue the play later in the weekend.

Thanks also to those who bought my book, “It’s SUPPOSED to Hurt!” I only had two left at the end to carry home, which felt great. I hope everyone likes the short stories and essays, and gets something out of it. With the proceeds I was able to purchase a beautiful extra-long “frat” paddle from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles. (Calling it a frat paddle does not do it justice. It is long and scary but made of bocote wood, a richly grained hardwood that I hope will serve me for years to come.) Any bad boy wishing to feel this paddle should contact me. Just so you know, it was used on yours truly and I will know EXACTLY how it feels when I dish it out!

And now, off to work. Reality. Ugh.

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