New interview, video, more

My friend Richard Windsor has just uploaded the interview he conducted with me last week at the Shadow Lane party. There’s also a video of me spanking, paddling and caning my friend JP from Texas. It appears on Richard’s site as well as on Spanking Tube.

And … well, I’ve just now finished watching both of them, and I’ll admit it’s still a little weird watching myself on camera. Maybe I’ll get used to it someday. Still, I think the spanking and especially the caning were pretty good. I certainly liked the SOUND of the cane.

JP can take a lot more, but this was just a fun, quick scene this time. I hope you like it: The video’s available to watch on Spanking Tube as well.

Also, I mention in the interview that I’ve written the introduction to a new book by a friend of mine, “Spank!” Here’s the link to the book publisher’s website: Logical Lust. I’ll write more about this later; the book is due out on Sept. 15.


  1. Mike

    Nice interview. You speak very well and honestly, and it came off well. Sound was excellent, but Richard needs to work on his lighting. You (and he) were pretty much in the shadow of the table lamp.

    “You spank like a girl”???? Well, we guys know that it’s the girls who give the best spankings. ‘)

  2. E.C

    Impressive technique. It’s clear that your arms are very strong.

  3. You are 100% right, Mike, I totally fudged on the camera lighting. In hidsight I should have switched us both around 90 degrees completely away from the table lamps. The camera is pretty decent so I could have done a much better job.

    Still, that aside, Cassandra was a wonderful subject and I enjoyed her story very much.

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