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Today I’m participating in what is called a “blog tour.” Each of the authors featured in the new anthology “Spank!” has blogged for the last 21 days about the book, edited by D.L. King and published by Logical Lust publications (www.logical-lust.com/spank.html).

Writing this blog post, unfortunately, has been more difficult than I expected. I’m “stuck” up in the Poconos this week on vacation, in a gorgeous lake-front home I’m renting from a friend, and it has all the amenities one could wish for except Internet access. Thanks to Verizon and Blackberry, I can access some websites (tediously), so about an hour ago, I went to my website on my Blackberry, typed this whole thing out — and lost it. Sigh. We are now at the McDonald’s up the road using their WiFi. Thank you, McDonald’s.

When D.L. asked me to write the forward to “Spank!”, I’ll admit to feeling a bit like a phony – what credentials do I have, after all, beyond the one book I’ve published and my own activities in the spanking community? I have been actively getting or giving spankings (among other types of S&M play) for over 20 years, and I have been writing for longer, but I’ve “only” published one S&M book and a couple of erotic stories here and there. Yet, I AM a writer. Does everyone go through this same self-criticism?

I personally know two of the authors whose stories appear in “Spank!” and I’ve read a few of the others or know their names through reading other anthologies, so I’m definitely thrilled to be associated with this esteemed group. One of the great things about anthologies is that there’s usually something that’ll get your juices going. If not the first story, than the next. In my intro, I mentioned a few of the stories I liked in particular, but at the time, I still had not read the entire book. Besides, my tastes are not the same as every else’s. I gravitate toward the harder side of spanking — stories about discipline vs. erotic spanking stories — but it all melds together, eventually, into what turns us on, doesn’t it?

It’s too bad I have no one to spank up here in the Poconos (not that I couldn’t find a victim if I looked hard enough, I’m sure!). We are relaxing, reading, writing, doing Sudoku and cryptograms, staying up late, sleeping late, exploring, hiking – it’s beyond wonderful. No one to meet, nowhere to go, no obligations. And my husband Rad has been spanking me, so I’m a happy camper. What’s a vacation away from the world without at least some play?

When I return home I’ll get my copy of “Spank!” (it hadn’t arrived before I left) and read the rest of the stories. Hope you go check it out (click on the link at right) – it’s pretty damn good.

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  1. Great post and I feel your pain about trying to post to your blog from your phone. Been there, done that. Seriously do NOT want the tee shirt as I’d rather forget the whole experience!

    Thanks so much for writing that great introduction for me!

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