From top to bottom

I had a taste of both sides this week. I topped hard at the Strictly Spanking New York party on Saturday night, and I was topped hard in a session on Sunday night.

The play was satisfying all around. I loved giving the cane to JP; loved it. He flew all the way in to NY from Texas and I wasn’t going to let him fly back without getting a proper punishment. (I hope his butt was sore on the flight back). I also got to give bad boy T a serious taste of the tawse. And I played with a few others, including a very appealing new guy, R, who was looking for a mommy/bad boy dynamic. I have to admit it’s flattering when a hot looking guy asks me to play. I’m not into “cougaring,” but when a guy is just a little younger and wants to play with me it makes me feel good, makes ME feel younger.

I missed playing with several favorite partners at Saturday’s party; there just wasn’t enough time (you know who you are and I hope to play with you soon) but at least we got to talk and it was good catching up with everyone.

As far as Sunday goes, I had a scene with a dom who wanted to punish me. I don’t think I’ve played that hard in a while. He spanked, strapped, caned and paddled me. The final OTK paddling (with the Strictly Spanking Licking Stick (this very evil thing that looks sort of like a paint stirrer but is much thicker) and one of Kitty’s Exotic Paddles) had me wriggling and struggling and near tears. I didn’t like it while it was happening! But it was cathartic to be pushed close to limits like that, and I think I needed it.

Being on the receiving end of a serious punishment also helps keep it green — I KNOW what it feels like to receive what I’m dishing out when I top.


  1. E.C.

    The tawse and cane, two very British implements. Sounds like you had a great time!

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