Better to be pissed off …

… than pissed on, as they say. In my little world, I get off on punishment play, not as a raging, screaming domme but more as a ticked-off mom (or babysitter, teacher of boss) who’s had enough. I just feel that a scene is more “real” if there’s some role-played anger. (I never really feel angry — if a sub really made me angry I think I would end the scene). When I bottom I like to feel a little fear, and a top’s “anger” increases my fear (and my excitement). I know that many of the guys I top like to feel that, too, that bit of fear.

Some subs go into quiet mode pretty quickly during a scene. Whether it’s sub space or just them trying to be tough, I’m not sure (maybe I should ask, LOL). But I enjoy it when there’s some noise, some struggle, some anxious banter about how good they are going to be.

I also like when there’s brattiness — “That doesn’t hurt!” and that sort of nonsense. If that doesn’t give me license to up the ante, I don’t know what does. And if smacking their bottoms doesn’t work, there’s always the “sweet spot” and then the thighs… Angry mom doesn’t like being talked to that way, you know.

I know this doesn’t work for everyone, and there are times when I have to change my style. One sub, for instance, likes to play very, very hard, but doesn’t like “lecturing.” Rather, he simply wants me to tell him what position I want him in for each phase of his punishment, and then for me to deliver that punishment matter-of-factly. It’s interesting, and I like playing the disciplinarian who’s “just doing her job.”

Other times, I just top someone because he needs the release, he needs to release control to someone else, and he needs the pain. That makes me feel strong; it can be a rush. But I still think the role-play pissed-off mom is a lot of fun … afterward there’s usually forgiveness and cuddling, and I’m my sweet ol’ self again…


  1. I love that you wrote this! You’ve really made me think..I guess I love the idea of punishment play, but shy away from it because the few times I’ve attempted it, it felt awkward. The again, the few times I’ve attempted it have either been with vanillas or people I didn’t know well or trust much. You’ve inspired me to give it another go when the right person comes around.

    I also love that you like brattiness. I’m so thrilled you mentioned that! So often I hear tops complain about bratting..and on some level, I understand where they’re coming from. I don’t want to brat endlessly for no reason, but well-timed sass, especially mid-spanking can make things awfully interesting and turn up the heat.

    Too bad I haven’t anyone to play the pissed-off mom *grin* Ah well, who knows what the future holds?


  2. Thanks, Celine. I hope you find someone understanding … and stern … to play with soon. Yeah, I like bratting to a degree. I think it’s fun. Can’t take things too seriously.

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