A family way

Last night my bad girl R. played my (bratty) 17-year-old daughter, and first-timer V. played my (not so bratty) 14-year-old son, in a role play where both of them had gotten bad grades and then lied to me about it.

I lectured them, and in the case of R., yelled a little, because her mouth just kept going. Then I ordered them both into opposite corners while I lectured some more. I finally called them out one at a time for the first part of their spankings. I spanked V. first while R. stayed in the corner, continuing to be flippant about how I didn’t need to do this. “Aren’t we too old for this?”

“Keep your mouth shut and turn around,” I snapped. I couldn’t do anything with her right then, as her poor brother was already over my lap. But the next time she said something, I got up, walked over and slapped her across the face. This is all within her boundaries; I know what she likes and what is allowed between us.

I couldn’t wait for it to be her turn over my knee. When she acts like a wise-ass, I know she’s itching for me to give it to her good. But then once the spanking starts, the reality always hits home for her. All of a sudden it’s, “Ow, that’s too much!” She reaches her hand back to try to block my spanks, so I have to grab her hand and hold it out of the way of her butt.

I spanked them in turns, first over their pants, then over their underwear, and finally on their bare bottoms.

I was feeding off of both of their energies — R.’s indignant anger (and refusal to submit to the punishment without an argument), but also off of V.’s fear as he watched me spank his “sister.” I paid her back for her smart remarks by getting a little nasty with her as well: “At least your brother still has a chance to get into a good school,” I think I said at one point. “I don’t know where YOU’RE planning to go, if you keep goofing off.” The old good kid, bad kid scenario.

V. was a good boy and took his hand spanking without arguing. Mostly he sobbed a little while he promised me he’d do better. He seemed to be losing himself in the role play nicely, and I think he got a little nervous when I took out my strap.

I was fed up with R.’s smart mouth and told her she was going to really get it. I told V. he had to watch, and that if he acted up he would get the same thing. Then I made R. bend over the couch and stick her bare bottom out, and then I strapped her good, ignoring her protests and cries of pain.

At the end I made them sit next to me on the couch and told them that I’d only spanked them because I cared about them and wanted them to do better. (The old, “I only hurt you because I love you” speech, lol.) It was a fabulous scene, in my humble opinion.


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