Off to Maryland

This’ll just be a quick one. we are preparing to head down to the Baltimore area to visit spanko friends (we are staying at their house tonight) and then my book reading is on Sunday. I’m very flattered that the DCS book club asked me down, and I hope I read well. I have to admit, that’s something I need to practice.

Monday is Nov. 1, which marks the beginning of the National Novel Writing Month ( Any writers out there who haven’t heard about this, please check it out. It’s a month-long challenge to write a 50,000-word novel. I may or may not write a book of short stories instead, which is technically breaking the rules, but if I can tie everything together, I’ll get some sort of book at the end of the month. The important thing is to write.

Don’t worry, I’ll still make time for play. I have to play, anyway, to stay inspired, right?

Speaking of which, it’s almost that time again — OTK night is next Saturday at Paddles NYC. The pre-party munch is, as usual, at 5:30 p.m. at the Moonstruck Diner, 23rd Street and 9th Avenue. You don’t HAVE to RSVP, but if you’re attending for the first time, let me know.

Going to cross post this on my other blog, Sandy’s Room.

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