Beautiful pain

Rad and I went to the city Saturday night, after having dinner in a well-recommended but crowded-to-the-point-of-anxiety Chinese restaurant. Afterward we strolled over to the Moonstruck Diner, the same place we hold our OTK night munches on the first Saturday of the month.

There’s a newer group that’s formed called “Queens and their Knights,” aka Dominant Women/Masculine Submissive Men, and I’d been wanting to check them out.

They turned out to be an interesting, fun, intelligent group, both Dommes AND subs, and I was glad I’d gone. It always is more fun to top someone with personality and intelligence. It didn’t hurt that the man I ended up spanking, caning and strapping had a very nice body, and I loved watching him jump and writhe with the strokes. It was just beautiful. I stopped before I left him completely raw (I didn’t want to break his skin) and I hope I’d given him enough. Too much is dangerous; too little can be a tease …

Looking forward to this coming Saturday’s TES party, “Freudian Desires,” where Master Valentine and myself will be the designated floggers. Hope to see lots of folks out that night, it’ll be fun.

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