Busy weekend; here comes Monday!

Had a fun weekend; i got to spank several friends last night at a private play party. Warmed up A. then told him to go find me a toy. He wasn’t very efficient at completing the task, so I called him back over, took off his belt and used that instead. … Spanked G. very hard (I thought) but it seems she needed much more. I hope she had fun anyway. I did, she has beautiful legs and a gorgeous butt.

Today spent doing real-life activities — art museum with relatives, which was quite nice, although I was tired and a wee bit cranky. Still don’t get Jackson Pollack, but someone must …

Tomorrow resumes the work week. It’ll be VERY busy, as I’ve taken took on a freelance job for a writer friend of mine. I may have a bottoming session on Thursday, and then I’ll be at Paddles on Friday night and the SSNY party on Saturday night (might return to Paddles later on Saturday night).

Oh, I’m thinking about going to Purple’s Passion’s demo next week on erotic harnesses. I’m seeking a bottom to let me practice bondage on him/her. Must be in good shape (must have picture) and able to communicate well. Please email me at mscassandrapark@gmail.com. UPDATE: I haven’t officially signed up for this class yet; will try to do so tonight. If you would like to join me, there is a $20 fee.

Hope to update this site tomorrow or the next day with some “real” writing.

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