Let the spankings begin!

’tis the Holiday season, and Strictly Spanking NY’s annual holiday party is upon us. Tonight I see old and new friends; there will be a visit from Santa (maybe more than one Santa — one of them may not be the real Santa); elves will be cavorting; and the snack table is sure to be laden with lots of candy (which i need like a hole in the head), Philadelphia soft pretzels, hummus (I hope) and many, many other goodies. I hope whoever brought the Trader Joe’s dark-chocolate-covered almonds last time brings them again; they were phenomenal.

I anticipate lots of mischievous shenanigans, gorgeous holiday outfits (I’ve got some festive new heels I’ll be wearing) and spankings up the wazoo. OK, perhaps that’s not a good way to put it … oh, whatever.

A friend asked if I was topping or bottoming tonight. I’m in the mood for everything, baby! He’s bringing his Spencer paddle, I think I’ll bring my own big-ass paddle, maybe even my rattan carpet beater (any brave souls out there? — it feels like getting caned in multiple places on your butt all at once).
I’ll have straps, canes and the other usual suspects as well.

For me, this party is mostly about socializing, but don’t get me wrong, I’m there to play, too, and I will be playing a lot.


  1. Tim S.

    I’ll be there tonight for my first ever spanking party. I just got into the city from Northeastern Pennsylvania and I packed a nice wooden hairbrush for the trip. I hope you will have copies of your book on hand for purchase & I hope to meet you tonight!

    Bratty Timmy

  2. Hey, Bratty Timmy, it was so good to meet you and spank you last night. Hope you had fun, and I’m happy that I had copies of the book with me — I didn’t see your comment before I left for the party. Looking forward to playing more.

  3. Tim S.

    Thank you!!! It was great to meet to you in person and it was so kind of you to come over to me when I was looking like the ugly duckling at the school dance. When I saw you coming towards me I thought is Cassandra Park coming to see me? You are too kind! I enjoyed the time we got to play (hand,belt,Mommy’s hairbrush,carpet beater,paddle plus the scolding. It was amazing!!! Plus you brought a copy of your book & signed it. Then at the end of the SSNY anniversary/ Christmas party a group of us went to PADDLES. What a way to experience my first ever spanking party. I just wish my voice wasn’t so hoarse. And before I left I spoke with your husband who is a real nice guy. (But you already knew that!) I can’t wait to meet the both of you again soon and thank you again for making my first spanking party so special! Take care and I want to wish the both of you a wonderful holiday season!

    Bratty Timmy

    Ps. Next time I’ll bring a bar of soap to rid my mouth of any bad language.

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