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There was no winner in my mini contest to guess the really tacky touristy thing I did in Times Square last Saturday.

There were actually two things, but I had the worst of the two in mind for the contest. This is actually so tacky I’m not surprised no one guessed it: We visited the Charmin-sponsored public restrooms between 6th and 7th avenues on 42nd. This is not just a public restroom — this is an experience. Check out this video of the Charmin Song, which you have to listen to over and over again as you wait in line. Notice that there’s only ONE comment on the video: “Somethin aint right about this.” They got THAT right!

I was about to post a picture of myself posing on the Charmin Throne — but I think I’ll hold onto a little of what dignity I have left. Here’s the Charmin Bear instead (gross!)

I am happy they have the restrooms available, however. They are very clean, and three different kinds of toilet paper are offered inside. Seeing people dressed up as toilets, though, is very weird.

The next tacky touristy thing I did was visit Pop Tarts World! I’ve secretly been wanting to visit this since it opened … we pass it every morning on our way from the Express Bus stop to the 1 Train, but it doesn’t open until 11 a.m. (WTF? — Pop tarts are breakfast food!)
Of course I had to try the weirdest item on the menu: Pop Tart Sushi!
I do love my Pop Tarts, but I hardly ever eat them because they are SO bad for me. But now I had an excuse to indulge. The “sushi” wasn’t too bad, either. It was kind of like a Cliff Bar with a soft fruit roll-up on top.

So, there you have it, my tackiness exposed to the world.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks so much for the useful information. I never would have guessed. Next time I’m in Manhattan, I’ll have to stop by the Charmin bathrooms. Ever since they stopped making just plain Charmin and started making Ultra Soft, Ultra Strong, and Basic, I’ve wondered what the real difference is. This will give me an opportunity to try the different varieties without having to buy 24 rolls. Maybe I can even sneak out samples to try in the comfort of my own bathroom.

    Happy Holidays!

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