Do I do resolutions?

Happy day after New Year’s Day. I celebrated the changing of the calendar with a small group of spanking friends — lots of food, games, laughter and spanking. There wasn’t much talk about making resolutions. These days the common feeling is that these are silly, arbitrary goals that won’t be achieved any easier just because it’s the New Year.

Still, as I wrote on my other blog, I do like the idea of a new year bringing about new hope, and with that a new, improved me. Not that I have to improve MUCH, of course! I always want to be more in shape, so that’s automatically on the list. I’m unhappy in my job, so I think updating resume and beginning to apply for new jobs has to be there, too.

To put it all into a neat little package, here’s a list of 10 things I would resolve, were I making resolutions:
1. Lose 10 pounds (eat less and work out more)
2. Read more (one book a week?)
3. Write more (at least two blogs a week, one story a month?)
4. Practice my guitar (once a week?)
5. Keep up with the news more often
6. Have more sex
7. Get a new job (Update resume and apply to five jobs a week)
8. Make more money (start a vanilla freelance business)
9. Keep in better touch with family and friends
10. Be more positive

Notice I didn’t say anything about playing more? I guess that’s one area of my life where I don’t need to improve. I play on average about once a week or more, and I’m very lucky. I hope all of you get to play more and have more fun and joy in 2011. Feel free to post any resolutions you want to keep this year, and remember you can always see me if you need extra help in keeping them!

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