I’ve expressed here earlier that learning better rope techniques is one of my goals, and last night I took the second of two courses to that end. The first was a course in harnesses taught by Lolita Wolf at Purple Passion in NYC. Lots of fun, and I’ve been practicing a little since then. Some of the harnesses you can do to yourself, allowing lots of practice time when you don’t have someone handy to tie up.

Last night’s event was “Erin Houdini’s Rope Thing,” an event that a Brooklyn lady hosts once a month, especially so that female tops can get better at bondage. I know many of my bad boys are “just” into spanking and discipline, but there are enough of you out there who would also like to be tied down while taking your punishment.

It was a fun event with socializing along with the tying. Erin was a very patient teacher, and there was a lot of individual attention because the workshop wasn’t crowded. What struck me was how simple it all really was, how there were a small number of basic moves that were done in any number of situations. For instance the same “two-column tie” technique could be used to tie two wrists together, an ankle to a chair leg, or maybe a wrist to an ankle. None of it felt daunting or completely out of reach without hours and hours of practice.

Practicing at home today has been fun, with my kitten all excited about the pretty green rope I’m using. I’m working on getting a better feel for the rope and how to handle it as much the knots themselves. As soon as possible, probably the next time I’m at Paddles, I’ll be seeking victims to tie up. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I know my schedule.

If anyone is interested in some info and techniques, here are some links: Erin’s FetLife piece, Getting Started with Rope
Tutorial websites:
Monkey Fetish
Twisted Monk
Be Knotty
OK, I’ll untie myself now…

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