Upcoming events

Wanted to make some announcements of where I’ll be over the next few weeks. I’ve been quite active lately, out and about, not always finding time to update things here. So I’ll add my activities all at once. If anyone is attending any of these events, please come over and introduce yourself if I’m not in the middle of a scene.

My exploration with rope and bondage continues this Wednesday at the Long Island Rope Revival meeting. They will be discussing and practicing “hog ties.” Hopefully, there will be no real hogs there. I don’t think real hogs would be very easy to tie up, unless you’re on the rodeo circuit… But maybe there will be a demo of hog play at the next TES Fest.

Next it’s Fetish Zone’s Vicious Valentine – BDSM Play Party, Feb. 5, in Deer Park, Long Island.

On Feb. 8, yours truly was asked to participate in a panel discussion on “Professional Domination – The Why and How,” hosted by the Long Island Leather N Roses group (LILNR). The panel will discuss how to become a pro-domme, as well as why some subs choose to go see pro-dommes and what a client might expect in a session. Each of the participants on the panel have different focuses, which should illustrate the variety of domme styles out there. I believe I am the only one on the panel who mainly practices corporal punishment and discipline play.

And then Paddles OTK night is the following weekend from 7-10 p.m., preceded by the OTK munch at 5:30 at the Moonstruck Diner, 9th Avenue and 23rd Street. If you are new and want to meet fellow spankos, this is the place to be.

I’ll post here shortly any updates about the Boardwalk Badness Weekend in April. I will be there and participating in the “Sisters of Strictly Spanking Academy,” a play party for bad boys. If anyone would like a more private session while in Atlantic City, please let me know. The play parties don’t give me nearly enough time to get into your head space and give you what you really crave and need.

Check back here frequently; there will be some changes to my website soon, and I’ll announce them as they occur.

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