Look out, boys!

Tonight is the “NYC Dominant Women/Alpha Masculine Subs and Switches January Munch and Play Party” at Paddles NYC. Yours truly has been practicing her rope bondage, and she WILL have lots of rope with her tonight — can’t wait to get hold of a victim!

Thanks to the lovely and creative Casandra Moon AKA “the Cassandra with one S” for organizing what should be a very fun event.

From the FetLife event description: “Dominant Women and Masculine Submissives” will be joining DomSubFriends on January 28th for a great night of fun and play. DSF is a Friendly Pansexual BDSM group in NYC, and we are happy to join them.
“At this Party all submissives and switches should decide if they are interested in participating as a fugitive. Our Dominant Ladies will be ready with rope, handcuffs and implements of torture to GET THE SECRET you (if you decide to participate) will be given at the door OUT of you. We will have you on bondage beds, hung from ceilings, tied in chairs.
“You will be left to contemplate your fate and then you will be interrogated and punished until you confess THE SECRET.
“Expect to be stripped to underwear at least. Expect nothing as well, as that could be your torture. Ladies will question and punish as they see fit.”

Then there’s the standard caveat about limits at the end … Now, we don’t REALLY need safe words — do we, boys? … wink wink.

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