Professional domination — why?

Obviously it’s not for everyone. But it’s perfect for
*those who must be discrete
*those whose partners can’t give them what they need
*those who are out in the scene but haven’t found the right woman to dominate or discipline them.

And here’s a little not-so-well-kept secret: It’s also for that special dom you know who never, ever switches. We’ll never tell …

From the event description: “Wouldn’t you like to know what the professional gets out of it, besides tribute, and how they go about it? Well here is your chance to get answers to these questions and more.”

I will be discussing this topic and answering questions, along with two other pro-dommes, on a panel on Feb. 8 sponsored by Long Island Leather N Roses (LILNR).

My fellow panelists will be Mistress Sopia (she’s also organizing the event) and Mistress Dominae.

Hope to see you there!

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