A sub I know likes a pretty hard OTK spanking (I know, so do a lot of you…) and a few weeks ago I had him over my knee and decided to try something new with him. I moved him so he was just over my left knee, locked him in place with my right leg, then held his right hand and pinned it to his back. He wasn’t struggling that much, so I didn’t have to do this, but I had a feeling it might enhance the experience for him. A day or two later he emailed me:

“Trapping my legs with yours so I could not move during the spanking was new to me, and combining it with holding my hand behind my back left me feeling helpless and vulnerable under your control. Which was kind of cool.”

I played with him again a week ago and did something similar. He wrote the next day: “I always feel secure when you’re holding me down and having your way.”

I love getting the feedback — especially when I’ve done something right. One of the reasons I’m practicing and learning more rope bondage these days is that a lot of subs like to be held in place. Locking my leg over theirs is one way, and it’s a very intimate way of doing things. Some of you who’ve played with me might have experienced it. Let me know if this is something you like — I know it’s not for everyone.

Last Saturday at Paddles NYC, I got to practice more rope bondage on some sub males during the “Fugitives and Captors” play party, organized by the Dominant Women/Alpha Masculine Submissives and Switches NYC group (led by Lady Cassandra Moon.
One attractive young man let me practice just bondage on him (no spanking or anything else).

Speaking of the Dominant Women group, pencil this into your calendars — in March (probably March 25), the theme of the Dominant Women/Alpha Masculine Submissives and Switches party will be “Bad students in detention and the evil school teachers who will make them behave.”
Now this is much more up my alley. How should I dress, I wonder?

I’ll write more about this as the time gets closer.

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