Beyond bare-bottomed spanking

A sub on Fetlife asked, “May I ask what complete nudity means or symbolizes for you as opposed to just barebottomed discipline?

I wrote that it is more humiliating for the sub/bottom and that it is more than just OTK spanking with pants pulled down. I feel that it’s more like Dominance and submission in this case. I don’t always play like this, but for some subs it is what they need.

He answered that “complete nudity … provides the right mindset for preparing for the forthcoming punishment. It provides vulnerability which also enhances the humiliation and shame!”

I agree that it definitely increases the vulnerability. A bad boy who’s due to be punished should already feel some shame and is emotionally “exposed.” Taking all his clothes off literally exposes him — sometimes I order him to undress, and sometimes I do it for him, which I think makes the young man feel helpless, like a child.

When he goes over my lap naked, I make sure he understands that he must control himself or there will be worse punishment. It’s not supposed to be about sexual gratification — it’s a punishment. Naturally, even a hand spanking hurts, but when a young man is being chastised there often will be a strapping, a hair brushing or sometimes a caning.

Once the punishment is over he is forgiven. Maybe there will be some naked corner time to let the lesson sink in … and for me to look at his bright red bottom.

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