Creativity and goals

My friend Tasha Lee (author of the kinky play “Euphoric Tendencies”*)
has started a dinner group in New York called “Motivation and a Meal” — the purpose is to get together, talk about long-term goals and then propose a few short-term goals that you hope to accomplish within the next week. There are about 8 of us, plus a few who have been unable to make the dinners who post goals on a Google group. Everyone comments and gives positive feedback.

My goals are mainly centered around writing and my job hunt. Last week I aimed to send out 15 resumes, write two vanilla blogs (I keep several blogs), four kinky blogs, four pages of some fiction, and meditate, say affirmations and exercise every day.

I did fairly good with the writing, good with the affirmations and meditation, not so good with the exercise and resumes. The pickings are slim out there and I really do not want to apply for jobs that I will make significantly less money at. At least not yet. Ask me again in six months…

I told the group at the last dinner, “Sometimes I feel like a phony; not a “real” writer, because I am surrounded by brilliant and creative people … ” My one friend stopped me and said, “What are you talking about? You wrote a book!”

Oh, yeah, I wrote a book, didn’t I? I should stop beating myself up now.

* Please see Tasha’s blog — “Euphoric Tendencies” is being produced as an independent film, and she is looking for some support from the fetish community. It was a terrific play, and I hope her goal is achieved.

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