Happy Valentine’s Day

I posted on FetLife about the caning I delivered on Friday night at Paddles NYC. I also spanked, strapped and caned a nice man who was visiting on Saturday night. I asked if others had played over the weekend. One gentleman wrote, “I got a nice spanking on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It started with the hand and then the small lexan paddle. After a pause, the heavy leather strap, and finally, the cane. I felt soooo good! Lovely stripes from the cane and larger blue mark from the strap still put a smile on my face.”

Perhaps there were some other Valentine’s Day spankings/scenes that people would care to share?

A female bottom commented about the “antsy” feeling she gets when she hasn’t played in a while. “I often wonder if you Top/Dom types get that feeling too,” she wrote, “that need to beat on someone, anyone’s, butt. Except for me it’s a need for a certain someone to do it to me.”

I responded: “Yes, I do get the antsy feeling — there’s often a powerful energy exchange when I top someone. It gets to me in a different way than bottoming does, but it’s good. Luckily, at least in NYC (and probably lots of other places), there’s no shortage of bad boys and girls who need it.”

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