Kick-off for the Iron Bell Academy

I like to hang out with cool, confident, fun people when I go out and play. I want to have a good time, and I had a fun time last night checking out “the Iron Bell Academy,” a brand-new BDSM venue for classes, parties and other events in our world. (here’s the link to the FetLife group.) I had been invited to the opening reception as a member of Long Island Leather N Roses.

The Iron Bell Academy (IBA) “is an intimate members-only education, training, party and play space located in the New York metro area. Our mission is to serve the education, training, play and party space needs of the adult kinky, leather, BDSM, gay, lesbian, queer and polyamory communities in our region … (it) was purposely designed as a private play and party venue for the kinky elite,” according to IBA’s website. (How does one determine the “kinky elite”? … Maybe they’re wherever I am!)

The Academy, in Astoria, Queens, was a gorgeous space for a party — lots of room, lots of equipment including a huge variety of cages — some hanging, some not, some shaped like big open Christmas balls — hanging platforms (they looked like fun), tables to be tied to or bent over, creatively placed stocks, whipping posts and more — there are pictures on the IBA website.

I knew a lot of the folks there from other groups and parties, such as Vendetta and Dominant Women/Alpha Masculine Submissive Switches NYC. The crowd was appropriately well-dressed, sophisticated and perverted. Several sissy maids circulated, serving hors d’oeuvres, desserts and drinks to the crowd. And of course there was lots of play — no one wants to stand around eating chicken satay and talking all night. Well, I don’t, anyway.

My scene world is evolving, but I think it’s been evolving ever since I went public back in 2000. I’m a spanko but I’m much more. I top and bottom, I’m a voyeur and I’m an exhibitionist. I’m always wanting to learn more, too, which is why I attend classes and seminars when they meet my schedule and budget. The Iron Bell Academy promises more of this.

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