Away for the weekend

As I posted on my other alter ego’s blog, I have to take an unexpected trip to South Jersey this weekend. You can read my tales of woe there, I won’t repeat them here. I had actually been planning to head down there on Sunday, because I haven’t seen my family in a while. I may hook up with friends from the spanking community while I’m down there.

In the meantime, I just wanted to write that after all my talk about learning new ties and going to classes and instructional bondage weekends, I feel as ready as I’ve ever been to get someone into a helpless state and … do whatever I want to him. I have some good ideas in my head, which I am not going to share here (I like surprises!) Needless to say, they will involve pain. They may involve spanking, but there’s no guarantee! Takers? Hope to see you soon.

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