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I have the pleasure of introducing my very first guest blogger, my friend “Bobbi,” whom I’ve known for several years and played with many times. You will see him here in some of his own pictures and one that I had taken a few weeks ago. In “real life,” the male version of Bobbi is gregarious, rather alpha and confident – or, as he describes himself, “a true Libra, one who balances, mediates and facilitates, not dictates. … one common thread between Bobbi and ___ is that both enjoy the attention and appreciation of others and as such does like to reach out and be a people pleaser!” Here’s his story about being a sissy maid.

Being a Male Sissy Maid

It was just the other day that the question “what is a sissy maid?” was put to me by a female acquaintance.

After a long, rather “sterile” description, which included such phrases as

“A male submissive who, either by his choice or the choice of his Mistress or Master, is put in full French maid uniform, with appropriate high heels, stockings, panties, wig and makeup …”


“This can either be a difficult thing for men who have no desire to cross dress and is part of their submission or even punishment, or, it can be an assist to men who wish to be subservient but find it difficult without the added ‘removal’ of their male identity.”

I added further explanations like:

“The ‘maid’ function can range from domestic service (house cleaning; menial tasks) to cooking, serving food and drinks, and personal service (bathing and clothing his Mistress or Master.”

And finally:

“Sissy maids are subservient to others (even submissive women) and must be respectful and obey all direction. Some sissy maids are required as part of their obedience to service others in a sexual way, but functioning only as a woman would. This is dependent on their Mistress or Master. It is all about obeying, showing devotion, pleasing those whom he serves and having to surrender his male ego, but not being a woman —  that being a much superior role.

“Punishments (corporal, wax, bondage, CBT, electric and anal pegging) are used to correct and for the Mistress, Master to exert their dominant position.”

After reading my answer, I felt that while somewhat informative; it did not reflect how I felt about being a sissy maid. As a heterosexual married male, I have developed my sissy maid persona over the past 10 years. Looking back, it was born of a desire to be “appreciated” by women, but not in a way that would compromise my marriage and my life commitment to my wonderful wife.*

I have found that amongst women who are “into” this particular niche of Dom/sub role-play and/or lifestyle, there can be great appreciation for and fondness shown to men who are willing to surrender the trappings of their male role, dignity and ego, and take on the traditionally female role of a personal, or serving “maid.” I have experienced that my female friends value the trust I put in them to the extent that an otherwise non-cross-dressing male would wear the appropriate “costume” not just for them, but at more public (but still safe) venues.

By doing all this I exhibit trust, devotion and true affection for the women I serve in this capacity. In return I receive their attention, their kindness and their gratitude. What I have been fortunate to experience in my relationships since I started on this path was all that I mentioned above, plus a fulfillment of many wonderful relation-based fantasies.

It is important to note that this is a description of my personal journey into sissy maid service. This in no way is to suggest that this is the sole dynamic at play with every man who dons ruffled panties and heels in service to a woman.

*My wife knows, and has allowed me to pursue this, although this has been difficult for her at times.

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