Don’t ask — tell

I played with a friend last night, someone I usually just spank. As we started our scene, he began to unbutton his shirt and then asked if he should take it off. “What do you want to do?” I asked. I thought we were negotiating. But he commented about how he hated when a Domme asked him what he wanted, instead of telling him.

I gave him a look, taking this as a challenge. Calmly I said, “All right, then. Strip.” He moved somewhat slowly, and when he got to his pants he seemed to hesitate. Was he testing me? I moved in, quickly undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants and yanking them down. “I won’t be able to get them over my shoes,” he pointed out.

He wasn’t exactly being a wise-ass, but I felt he was pushing me to see how I’d react. “Take the shoes off, the pants off, and the shorts off. Let’s go.” I had a feeling from his demeanor that I was heading in the right direction. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with him, so when he was completely naked I made him kneel down and kiss my shoes. As he moved from my right to my left shoe, I took my right foot and pressed down on his neck. From below me I heard a soft moan. I relished giving him the release he was probably craving. “Get up,” I finally said. He had a bit of a glazed look already. He stood up and I turned him around to face the wall. “Put your hands on the wall and stick your ass out,” I said. I spanked him, delivering them slowly but sharply. After a short period I wanted to do something else so I took his arm, turned him around and shoved him up against the side wall.

“I’m going to do whatever I want with you,” I coldly told him, looking him in the eye. He suddenly seemed nervous. I put my right hand on his neck and squeezed a little, forcing his head back into the wall. I’m not sure if he said anything at this point. I let his neck go and with both hands pinched and twisted his nipples. He gasped and I twisted a tiny bit harder until he yelped. Then I reached up, held his face with my left hand, and slapped him with my right. Not too hard. But then I slapped harder with my left. His eyes seemed to be watering a little.

“I’m going to spank you now,” I said.

I pulled him over to a straight-back chair that was nearby. He was hard as a rock. I knew that he knew, without me telling him, that he had better control himself. I pulled him over my knee and spanked him some more.

This was taking place at Paddles NYC. We were in one of the side rooms, where you can put a chain across the entrance so that no one can get too close. But outside the chain several people had gathered to watch. I slapped his naked bottom as hard as I could, at first slowly, letting each one sink in, but soon briskly. I knew he could take it — but it was about to get worse. Soon I grabbed a small wooden paddle and paddled him. He cried out and wriggled, but I held him firmly and continued. “You’ve earned this,” I said. He didn’t have to do anything bad to earn it; it was what he needed. Or at least what I had decided he needed.

I wasn’t going to have him over my knee all night, though. I had other plans. “Get into the corner,” I said. As he moved, I decided I wanted to torture him some more. “Stand facing out,” I said. His cock was still just as hard as before and I slapped it lightly, testing his tolerance. He groaned but seemed able to take more, so I slapped a little harder. Moving back up to his poor nipples, I pinched them again, harder than before. He didn’t know what was coming next.

“Get down on your knees,” I said. He knelt. “Hands and knees.” I straddled his back, and continued his spanking, slapping his butt as hard as I could, periodically giving a smack to his cock and balls. He yelped and moaned beneath me. I turned around so I could reach down and pinch his nipples again, then I pinched other areas of his body — waist, legs, inner thighs. I loved his cries of pain. I loved sitting on him.

I told him at last to stand and we went back to the chair. This time I was going to give him a real, fast, hard hand spanking. It was mostly on his bare bottom, but at points I spanked his thighs, including his inner thighs. He cried out but he continued to take his discipline well. I spanked him over and over. I was feeling a real power rush, and his reactions were turning me on.

I finally felt satisfied that I’d spanked him enough. I ordered him off my lap. “On your knees,” I said. I told him to kneel up. I let him put his head in my lap and stroked his hair until his breathing calmed down. Later I let him sit on my lap and I held him until it was time for him to get dressed.

I have played with this friend many times and have never done something like this to him before. For some reason last night, I wanted to go further. I was simply doing what I wanted and seeing how much he would take. Even though it got somewhat sexual, I didn’t cross any of my own sexual boundaries and I’m assuming I didn’t cross any of his. He said afterward that he really loved playing like that. I know it gave me a real rush.

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