Stinging endorsement

Sometimes I hardly have to write a thing here. A sub that I caned recently sent me a wonderful note about his experience, and he said it was OK to share. I remember before our scene that he told me he wanted a real caning. Being the nice person that I am, I do not like to disappoint. This is how he described the event:

“Being on the receiving end of Ms. Park’s fabulous caning is truly a case of being careful what you ask for. I tried to put off the caning, and a warm-up OTK bare bottom hand spanking suited my prevarication … until I came to realise that Ms. Park had an deceptively and incredibly powerful spanking hand. I was now wriggling over her knee, wondering what the caning would be like from so strong and formidable a woman.

I think I must have been slow bending over the back of the chair, but it earned me five spanks with the bath brush — very, very hard and painful. Now truly nervous about how hard the caning would be, and knowing deep down that it would be, I was in a bit of a panic. Bent over the back of a chair with my pants around my ankles and my underpants around my knees, with an audience, Ms. Park laid the cane across my bare bottom with a will and great energy. It hurt unbearably. I knew I was in trouble. Several more followed and I was already in distress.

Ms. Park has a style, scolding as she canes. However she is deceptively nice and also leaves her scolding so open to bratty responses. I could not help myself but to give smart mouth answers back. Quietly I was asked, “What did you say?” … “Nothing, Ma’am,” but that did not work. I immediately regretted being bratty, but it was too late. Five more super hard spanks with the bath brush, then back over the chair to an intensified caning.

This was the pattern. The foolish woman turned her back on me to get something, allowing me opportunity to rub my poor bottom. I could see her in the mirror so I knew she was not looking. She turned around too quickly and caught me at it. Another wait for bath brush with hands on head, she was obviously not satisfied that she was getting through to me as the next spanking with the bath brush was crippling.

Back over the chair, rapid hard cane strokes had me crying out, to no avail. I remember she said, “Well, you must have had 80 strokes, so 20 more.” I was ready to stop then. The last 20 were laid on with such a will that I dared not brat off. I counted each stoke to myself. How could I make it to the end? 15 more to go; I was in despair. Really loud “swish crack” — aaagh — a short wait then “swish crack” again. Slow, full force and excruciating. I would have collapsed on the floor but for the onlookers. I had to endure to the end.

Finally over, Ms. Park directed me to a mirror to behold her handiwork. My bottom was a thoroughly striped mess. I truly could not sit down for a week after.

For subs who like me who have had the misfortune to go to disciplinarians who give “Let’s pretend” spankings and canings, you know what a disappointment that is. So to you I issue this warning: If you want a real spanking or caning, visit Ms. Park. She really knows how to cane a bottom. Her no-nonsense discipline is excruciatingly painful and humiliating. You may end up with a very very sore bottom but you won’t end up disappointed. — Maine sub (canemehard)

Dear “Maine sub”: Thanks for the endorsement! I highly enjoyed dishing it out to you and look forward to our next meeting.– Ms. Park

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