Some days I don’t feel like doing anything, topping or bottoming, and other times I’m firing on all cylinders and I just want to dominate someone, to cause pain. I can still be nice when I do this, of course.

I caned a female friend the other day in the middle of a play party. We were playing a game where participants rolled dice to determine the implement and how many strokes were to be administered. Her dice turned up “cane” and 11 strokes. Now 11 strokes may not be much. I’ve delivered over 200 hard cane strokes on one or two occasions, to some hard masochistic bottoms. But still, 11 strokes if done right can take you to another place. Those who love being caned will understand.

My friend, whom I don’t believe I’ve ever topped before, is an experienced bottom and she seemed to be craving the cane. I confirmed with her before she positioned herself on the spanking bench that harder strokes were OK.

And so I picked a thicker, thuddier cane and started. I whipped the first one down with a low whoosh, striking hard. She moaned. I waited, let it sink in, then raised my arm for the second stroke. There were conversations going on in the room around me but at one point I sensed people were watching. But what was more satisfying was my friend’s gasps as the cane hit its target, followed by little sighs and murmurs telling me she was in a good head space. I loved hearing those sounds — it was a real rush. There are times when I just like to be in control. And I like feeling I’ve gotten through to someone, taken them somewhere slightly beyond play.

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