Housekeeping day

Yes, I am about to do laundry (grrrr) but more importantly, I got a comment recently telling me that the gray-on-lighter-gray comment input box wasn’t working too well. So now I’m fiddling with the code in my style sheet. This may take a while, I haven’t found the exact location of what I need to change You can comment; you just might not be able to see what you’re writing right now. In the meantime, if you REALLY wish to say anything, write me at

Any WordPress gurus out there? Wordpress is only moderately helpful. I will continue to do my detective work.


  1. Mike

    I like the new and simpler color scheme overall, and now I can read what I’m typing.

    It’s possible that you’ve selected a font or font size that doesn’t match up with the template. I normally have my browser set to a fairly large minimum font size (which is sometimes ignored) and when I change it back to the “whatever the site provides” I can see part of “Appointments,” which was completely covered by the Search box with my normal settings.

    I have a WordPress site as well, and I had to fiddle with the menu to get it to fit the template. The simplest solution might be see if there’s a different menu layout., or an alternate place for the search bar.

  2. I didn’t select the font size and font — they came with the theme. There was too much code detective work involved with finding the part of the style sheet that I needed to change, so I moved on.

    I’ll look into the menu bar issue another day…


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