A little serious fun

There’s always something going on at Paddles, and last night was no exception. My sub de jour and I did two long scenes. The first one was more “traditional” — I tied him up, flogged him, spanked him and did a few other painful things to him (me being the nice girl I am, of course).

We took a break, socialized for a little bit. My husband was out with me so he and I played for a little while. Then my sub and I reconnected for Act II. I experimented with something I’ve wanted to do for a while — plastic wrap. A long time ago I was bound with plastic wrap and I know it’s an interesting feeling. The victim can get pretty hot in there — that’s one sensation I recall. Psychologically, it gives a person that helpless feeling that many who are into bondage crave. You very quickly find yourself bound and immobile.

That’s what I did to my sub, I had him strip then wound a large roll of plastic wrap around him until his arms and legs were bound. Before I finished his legs, I had him hop up onto a padded bench so he could be “comfortable” while I did the final few wraps around his calves.

He seemed very calm and content … too content. I pulled up a bit of the cling wrap near his nipple and snipped a tiny hole with safety scissors. I opened up three holes altogether, exposing his nipples and cock. Then I reached for a bunch of clothespins … and my riding crop. I’ll leave a bit to your imagination here …

A bit later I had him roll over. I cut off the plastic wrap over his butt, exposing his cheeks for some caning and strapping. The poor boy … I really enjoyed watching him buck and squirm in his plastic casing as I caned him. He wasn’t going anywhere until I said so! (I really don’t think he wanted to, LOL)


Earlier (as I wrote on FetLife), I had an incident where I had to tell a guy who was three feet away from our scene that he was too close. I had my sub over my lap for a spanking and the stranger actually stepped over my sub’s legs to get to the seat; it was rather bizarre. Thanks to the TES dungeon monitors, the situation was handled quietly and quickly — he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong, and maybe he didn’t know about not getting too close. But no matter how new he was to the club, it’s pretty obvious that it’s rude to step over someone without saying, “Excuse me.” I myself was reasonably calm, I expressed my opinion then walked away.

Tomorrow I may write about this some more. I don’t want to be redundant if I’ve already written about it (I’ll check) but it seems an ongoing, unsolvable issue. It’s almost comical, thinking that I’m in a place where guys try to touch my ass on a regular basis. I don’t like it, it’s a violation, but on the other hand it’s ridiculous and it is going to be fodder for another blog.

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