Florida Moonshine approaching fast!

(cross-posted from Sandy’s Room)

I know next weekend’s Boardwalk Badness is on all the spankos’ minds this week, but I wanted to put in a quick plug for one of the top spanking parties in the country — Florida Moonshine (FMS). And believe it or not, it’s only six weeks away.

Six weeks away? Holy crap, how is time moving this quickly?

If you haven’t attended FMS, it’s one of the most intimate, fun, do-what-you-feel-like spanking parties. I have always felt extremely welcome there, like one of the group — like, “these are my people.” The times spent hanging out at the pool, splashing around in the Gulf, or going on a group outing to “Crabby Bill’s” are memorable. And, the best players — the ones who seem to just know what spanking is all about — always seem to attend this party.

The FetLife event link is here, and here’s a little more info, cross-posted from the Florida Moonshine group:


The beach party is only 6 weeks away! You do not want to miss out on this wonderful party! We have so many things planned for the weekend! We want this to be a party you will never forget!!!

If you are not an official member please contact me personally to find out how you can attend this GREAT party.

We are offering a weekend filled with fun laughter and spankings galore:
• Friday: Registration and Vendor Fair. Ice Breaker games and a nice assortment of hot and cold appetizers. Penthouse Hospitality opens at 10:30pm. Midnight pizza party.

• Saturday: Coffee, tea and donuts in Penthouse suite. Florida Moonshine Academy for naughty girls and Governess Gala for the naughty boys. Afternoon ice cream social by the pool. Saturday evening “Tropical Beach Banquet” with some spanking entertainment and door prizes. Penthouse Hospitality Suites open at 10:30 for more spanking fun.

• Sunday: Coffee, tea and donuts in Penthouse suite. Corporal Punishment Court with our famous Strict Dave. Sit back and watch Strict Dave from Atlanta, GA conduct an actual courtroom trial where party attendees who have been charged with offenses by other attendees have their day in court. (Any party attendee can submit a written charge against any other attendee.) Dressed in authentic judge’s robes, Strict Dave hears the evidence presented by both sides and rules on the punishment to be given. Will you be charged at this year’s Punishment Court and sentenced to a trip across the spanking bench??? A fun and hot finale to a great weekend!

We plan to make this a party you will never forget and will certainly not want to miss!


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