Atlantic City tomorrow!

So, we are off bright and early tomorrow morning for the long-awaited Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City.

I’m seeing this as “The start of the spanking season,” because not long after there will be Florida Moonshine’s Tropical Beach Party, the Texas All-State Party, Crimson Moon’s Summer Spectacular, and Shadow Lane’s “Brat Pack 2011” party over Labor Day weekend. I don’t know yet which of those parties I’m going to (wish I could make them all, but that’s probably not going to happen this year).

As far as THIS weekend goes, I’m toned up, in fine form and ready for action. I have room for a few more private sessions at discounted party rates (don’t wait till the last minute), and don’t forget my caning special for first-timers or cane lovers in general. Email me at

I’ll also have goodies — copies of my book and a few kinky t-shirts I’ve designed and created.

If you’re going to the F/m party on Saturday afternoon (“The Sisters of Strictly Spanking Academy”) I’ll be in uniform, armed with my usual array of weapons.

See you there tomorrow. If I don’t see you there tomorrow, I hope to see you soon in NYC.


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