Hiding in plain sight

No, I haven’t disappeared, as any FetLife user can attest. I just haven’t sat down and written a new blog. I am working on a freelance project and my head has been a little scattered and distracted.

Had a wonderful time at the Boardwalk Badness weekend — some bad boys I hadn’t met before felt my belt (well-deserved). The usual cane sluts were out and about (JP!) and I was happy to oblige.

Also got to cane a nice young man privately, earlier this week. There’s nothing like watching those parallel red lines appear on a bottom, seeing the evidence of a good thrashing. I wish I had someone to cane today; it would help me get out of myself.

It is cloudy but mild out. I think I will go for a walk to get my exercise in for the day. Maybe I’ll write something in more detail later.




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