I’m of a certain age … I’ve been of a certain age for quite a while now … where strangers, cashiers, etc. call me “Ma’am.” A lot of women don’t like this because they feel old when they hear that. I hated it, too, for the longest time. When I first heard it I wasn’t anywhere near “old.” Now I’m (cough cough cough) m*ddl*-ag*d, and it no longer bothers me.

In play, “Ma’am” is the way I prefer to be addressed. I can accept “Mistress,” I don’t mind it, but I don’t feel “Mistress” is really who I am. As a person who frequently role plays a teacher, a mom, a librarian, the sexy next-door neighbor, etc., “Ma’am” works much better. You can also call me “Ms. (or Miss) Cassandra,” but considering that’s more of a mouthful, Ma’am is the easiest.

I frequently get emails of FL messages without a proper greeting: “Dear Ms. Cassandra.” I will answer you if you don’t start off your note that way, but it leaves a bad impression in my mind, especially if you are writing to me for the first time. “Hey” is rude, and no greeting at all is rude. An email that has no greeting and is full of typos should not be sent. “Should not” is wishful thinking, of course. It will happen. Some people are not native English speakers and need help with spelling. I understand. (It still bugs me, though!). If you’ve written me a bunch of times before, it’s not as important and we can

Speaking of improper behavior and rudeness, to me there is a huge difference between bratting and being disrespectful. I like a bit of bratting (usually just the verbal kind), because it makes for a fun scene – the brats are often the ones who crave a good, hard spanking or paddling, and I’m happy to oblige. But being disrespectful won’t get you anywhere near me.


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  1. Dear Ms. Cassandra,

    I will always say ma’am to you. You have earned it and deserve it.

    On my knees to you,

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