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In the interest of writing more blogs, I’m experimenting a little with special theme days. This will be more fine-tuned, hopefully, over the next week or so. But my initial idea was some sort of alliteratively titled themes such as “Wednesday Whippings” (something about fantasy or real-life punishments) or “Friday Favorites.” Maybe “Friday Top-Five.” You know, the kind of goofy stuff that probably has been done before so why not do it one more time, right?

In the interest of striving for originality, I will keep working on this, but, let’s just say for argument’s sake that I decide to make it “Friday Top-Five.” Lists are always good. What top five is on my mind today? What popped into my head was literature. I read a lot, I always like a sexy S&M story, so I think today’s “Top Five” will be my favorite BDSM or spanking books.

1. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, by Anne Rice, writing as A.N. Roquelaure. I feel like I don’t even have to describe this book; isn’t it covered in all the Spanking 101 classes? But for those who haven’t had the pleasure, this is Anne Rice’s retelling of the fairy tale and it’s loaded with hot scenes, especially if you like spanking.

2. Carrie’s Story, by Molly Weatherfield. Possibly a true story of a young woman who becomes the slave of a man she meets at a party. Extremely well-written and believable, and again, hot scenes.

3. The Reckoning, Anonymous. Collection of short stories about spanking that I thought was very well done. I lost my copy a while back (lent it to someone who lent it to someone; don’t you hate that?) so I might order another one.

4. Nine-and-a-Half Weeks, by Elizabeth McNeill. There were one or two erotic scenes in the movie, but the movie doesn’t do the book justice at all. Not everyone likes this book, some felt the relationship portrayed was abusive, but I didn’t consider it like that. I had this book for a while and it began to fall open automatically at certain key places.

5. Exit to Eden, by Anne Rice, writing as Anne Rampling. As above, the movie didn’t do the book justice, not at all, and had very few hot scenes. The book has a lot of well-written, sexy S&M scenes, but what I loved about it is that it explores the “why” of this thing that we do.

These are just five of my old favorites. I’m always open to suggestions for good reading material. Feel free to comment and make suggestions.



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