TES Fest getting closer…

The TES Fest organizers have asked me to teach a class this year during the Fourth of July weekend kinky festival; it’s the first time I’ll be attending as an instructor. Here’s my topic:

Payback Doesn’t Have to Be a Bitch: Topping for Bottoms

People keep asking you to top them at parties – but you’re a bottom! Number one rule: don’t switch if you don’t want to; it’s not for everyone. But if you have the urge to give back some of the tough love, this class will help. Cassandra will discuss ways of tapping into your inner sadist, reading your bottom’s reactions, being an unapologetic “service top” and learning to be choosy about partners. She will also discuss pre-scene negotiation, aftercare, and other aspects of topping.

I’m also going to be part of the TES Fest book/DVD signing at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 2.

If you’re going to TES fest, please let me know, ESPECIALLY if you’d like to be a demo bottom for my class. (If I don’t know you, send me a picture and tell me about yourself.)

Here is a full list of other events that I’m planning to attend over the next few weeks:

June 12: Cassandra’s birthday!

June 26: Hypnoclub: June – D/s (tentative)
July 1-4: TesFest 2011
Sept. 2-Sept. 5: Shadow Lane Brat Pack 2011 (tentative)
Nov. 25-28: BrimStone II

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