Birthdays and bad boys

It’s my birthday today, but last night I was invited to a small party to celebrate the 50th birthday of another NY spanko friend. As these evenings go, there were about two hours of talking and eating before any action took place. But eventually people started pairing off and heading down to the basement “dungeon,” where there was a whole array of toys and several pieces of equipment to use.

At one point the birthday girl was “ordered” to assume the position on a spanking bench and everyone (no pressure or anything, lol) took turns giving her 50 spanks. I happen to think the idea of the birthday spanking is kind of goofy but, as I recently posted on FetLife, I like the spankings and I certainly like the attention, so I’m not stopping anyone.

By the time midnight rolled around and the clock ticked over to MY birthday the party was winding down — therefore, I managed to escape a “round two” of birthday spankings. Rad did the honors this morning, spanking me 48 times plus one-to-grow-on, right in front of the living room window while our cat Pip stared at us in either disgust or disbelief. Or maybe he was just thinking about sushi.

Back to last night — I invited my musician friend C. to attend the party, as I was hoping to introduce him to some of my other friends. He’s a switch, but as I’ve reported here before, he’s also an insatiable pain slut. He’s a great guy and I love “punishing” him. And he can REALLY take it. My friend M., another switch, agreed to help me double-team him. I’d never seen her top before and I was quite impressed. C. was also impressed, and we worked him over for probably close to an hour. Lots and lots of cane strokes, a bath brushing, a strapping and a little touch of bastinado — the cane and a light paddle to the bottom of his feet (quite enjoyable, as we finally got an “ow” out of our stoic friend).

The night before, I was called upon to wield the cane on another friend. He said he’d felt the cane before, but hadn’t had a “serious” caning. Like C., I knew this man could take it because I’ve topped him before.

So I picked out four canes with different diameters, started with the thinnest and worked my way up. At one point I shifted gears, pulled out a very thin, whippy cane and gave him 12 fast strokes with that before continuing with the thicker cane. I heard his “oohs” and was happy to see I was making an impression. He received 60 strokes altogether; 12 with each cane.

I like when people ask me to introduce them to the cane. It can be a very intimidating toy, and does have a scary history (Singapore comes to mind). But the canes typically used in S&M play can be easier to take than a bath brush, or even some hair brushes, in my opinion.



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  1. Mike

    It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one who tries to take a spanking quietly without a lot of squirming, kicking, or screaming. I usually mention that when I’m about to go over a lap for the first time, appending it with “THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE” (to try to make me yell). ;)

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