Another tough guy

He said he wanted the bath brush. I couldn’t believe it! I had just caned, strapped and paddled him for close to 40 minutes — hard. He had some marks, the beginnings of minor bruises, but I didn’t see any broken skin.

“All right, young man,” I said. “Hand it to me.” I thought it would be just a couple of smacks and he’d be done. He was across my knee again at this point. I swung the brush down and smacked his bottom. He made a noise but not a very loud one. I smacked him again. He was doing fine, so I kept going.

As a switch, every toy that I use on a sub, with the exception of something unusual that a bottom might bring to a session, I have felt myself. I know how things feel and what a bottom is (basically) going through. I can’t say I know how CBT feels, of course, but that’s the exception. So I know that the bath brush, while a “standard” of domestic discipline, can be brutal.

Then again, everyone’s tolerance is different. I’ve experienced strappings where the level was just perfect and I could have kept going and going and going, while someone else might have called red.

Maybe that’s where my sub was at. He was making noise, but he wasn’t struggling. And so I paddled him for quite a while. Eventually, we did have to stop, much as he might have wanted me to spank him all night. I picked a random number in my head — I think it was 30 or 40 — and delivered that number of strokes to finish off the bath brushing. He took it well, and then I wrapped our play up with a hand spanking.

Afterwards I made him sit on my lap for a few minutes before he got dressed. He was a young thing, very cute, and a pleasure to play with. I am always impressed when a guy can take something that would have me yelling and struggling.


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