Dirty mouth

I played with a woman recently (which is unusual to begin with, because, you know … girls are so much better behaved than boys …) whose long-distance Dom “helped” me top her via speaker phone. Actually, I suppose, I was helping him.

She was being punished and needed it hard, he told me. Through email correspondence prior to the session, I learned her limits. Caning was a hard limit, but oddly, mouth soaping was not … interesting. Her Dom asked me to bring Ivory soap and a container for water to the session. I knew we would need towels and fresh drinking water, which I also brought, along with a clean wash cloth.

She took a good punishment. I spanked, strapped and paddled her until her bottom was toned deep red and was beginning of bruises. Yet she continued to display an attitude throughout, neglecting to call us “Sir” and “Ma’am,” and cursing with nearly every other sentence out of her mouth. Granted, she was taking a serious thrashing and I could see why these words were popping out of her mouth, but still, she needed better control.

I gave her several chances. I paddled her with the bath brush, which is usually my “extra-punishment” implement, but it didn’t help. She kept up the attitude and the foul mouth. (I don’t care if someone curses in real life; I just don’t tolerate it during a discipline session.)

So she got the soap. I took the washcloth, lathered it up, wrapped it around the Ivory soap bar, and told her to open her mouth. Of course she didn’t want to, but when her Dom on the speaker phone firmly ordered her to, she complied. She had to hold the soap in her mouth while she stood in the corner, and later while she bent over the couch for the strap. Nasty stuff. She hated it.

I thought her attitude was improving so I let her take the soap out and rinse, and she was slightly better behaved for a few minutes. Her “regularly scheduled” punishment continued. And then — imagine this — another curse word came out of her mouth.

This time she had to bite down on just the bar, no washcloth, and hold it longer. She was not a happy girl. Not at all. But by the end of her play date she was a little more subdued and repentant.

I try to follow up with my bottoms after a session and she told me it was hard to get through but was what she needed. I think she needed that bit of fear and pain that we were dishing out, along with the foul-tasting soap. I’m always impressed with the tough girls …

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