Away for the weekend

This weekend my husband and I are heading up to Massachusetts to visit a spanko friend, who has been tempting us with a promise of a lobster dinner, walks on the beach, a spanking or two and maybe some gossip. She has four beautiful cats that I look forward to seeing as well.
So we’ll be doing nothing (well, I’ll be working a bit) on Friday night, then leaving bright and early for our trip.

As far as upcoming weeks, here is a full list of events that I’m planning to attend:

June 25: (private) Wedding of scene friends in Philadelphia
June 26: Hypnoclub: June – D/s (tentative)
July 1-4: TesFest 2011
Sept. 2-Sept. 5: Shadow Lane Brat Pack 2011 (tentative)
Nov. 25-28: BrimStone II


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