“Accountability coach”

That’s how my UK friend Ian, proprietor of The London Tanners, describes himself on his FetLife profile, which I’d clicked on this morning because he’d commented on something else (don’t you love where FetLife takes you sometimes?)

He also has as a tagline “Improving behaviour one girl at a time,” which I happen to agree with, except it should be “one boy OR girl at a time,” and there shouldn’t be that silly extra “u” in “behavior.”

Does what I do really “improve behavior”? Does punishment for real-life transgressions ever work? Well, as I type this, I know of at LEAST three bad boys who have told me they need to be spanked for smoking, that they need to quit, and as far as I know all three of them continue to engage in this disgusting, unhealthy and annoying habit.
Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be much about this on FetLife, with the exception of a fetish, “being punished for smoking” — and only ONE person lists that as a fetish. (with the thousands and thousands of FetLife members, only ONE person lists that? unbelievable). There are some related fetishes, such as “smoking,” “forced smoking,” and smoking “pot,” “weed,” and “copious amounts of ganja,” but no other “punished for smoking” fetishes.

I didn’t mean to get off on a smoking rant; I was just thinking of behaviors or bad habits, for which someone might come to me and ask for help in “curing.”

Honestly, for most people into spanking, what I do is a reward, not a punishment. If you can quit smoking, if you can lose that 20 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose, come see me and I’ll help you celebrate by tossing you over my knee and giving you a good old-fashioned spanking. It’ll give you a bigger rush than that drag of nicotine or that Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie. Yes. Leave the Oatmeal Cream Pies with me.


  1. Bob

    Very cute post! I can think of only one person who stopped smoking by taking very severe, harsh, even brutal sets of corporal “encouragement” that required the “Niko”rette series of treatments!!!! The model has not smoked since those treatments!! The amateur disciplinarian’s name is Niko, made famous on Spanking Tube!!!

    Maybe your methods were not brutal enough!!! lol


  2. I know of Niko … well, all I can say is, in spite of everything, he or she really has to WANT to stop. Maybe it was the right time for that model.

    Also, sometimes a hard punishment can make us feel really strong … perhaps that helped motivate him or her, too.

  3. Mike

    I’m so glad to see you write this. I read so many tales of people who “need” to be spanked to keep some aspect of their life under control, and those “mentors” who claim to be able to do it (by giving a spanking, of course). I figure that either this is a code for “I want to be spanked” and “I’ll enjoy spanking you” or people who simply don’t understand themselves and haven’t accepted that they crave something out of the mainstream.

    I’m sure that for some, a severe punishment actually has a positive effect. But if you have to find such a punishment on the Internet, you’re probably not going to get anything but a good beating.

  4. Yes, I think it is a code word or a cover story or whatever you want to call it. There needs to be a reason for it in their heads. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with this — fantasies are all part of the game. One other aspect of this, which is positive, is that being spanked is much healthier than smoking or abusing drugs. So, if you replace those addictions with a spanking addiction, it’s a step in the right direction! (unfortunately for some that would mean they’d have to be spanked many times a day.)

    (Before anyone jumps on me, I am well aware of how serious a drug addiction is and I’m not advocating spanking as a legitimate “treatment.”)

  5. Andy

    I agree and I can say it worked for me. It might have worked without the spankings but I guess the spankings were good to intensify the bond and kind of to seal the deal. It was not about quitting to smoke but about being more or organized and more happy with myself.

    Actually – a regular maintenance spanking and someone who coaches me and follows up would be very helpful for further improvements. Where to find such a girlfriend?

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